Flintstones IRC Network hosts a variety of amazing services to help along with your IRC experience and make things fun, secure and easy.


Nickserv is the service to help you register your nick and keep it safe and secure. Here are a few of the commands that it holds but for a complete list and use of the help files type /msg nickserv help

/msg nickserv register <pass> <email address> – This registers your nickname with services so it is yours!

/msg nickserv identify <password> – This identifies you to your nick and must be used every time you login.

/msg nickserv ajoin add <nick> <channel> – Adds channels to your auto join list, and will automatically join your channels when you identify to your nick!


Chanserv is the service to help you control and manage your channel, these are a few of the important commands, but to pull up a whole list of them type /msg chanserv help

/msg chanserv register <channel> <description> – This will register a channel under your nickname

Adding Ops

/msg chanserv <AOP/SOP/QOP/VOP/HOP> <Channel> <add/del/list> <nickname>

This will add remove, or give you a list of a specific type of op.

VOP is a voice op, which can basically chat even if a room is under moderation!

HOP is half ops and can add voice to users.

AOP is the lower rank of Ops, can kick and ban.

SOP is a senior op, can kick ban and also add AOP/VOP/HOP

QOP is almost room owner and can pretty do almost everything!

Type /msg chanserv help for more commands.


Memoserv is a great way to leave a registered user a message, type /msg memoserv help for more commands.


Hostserv is a awesome tool to change your hostmask so that regular users can’t see your host, you can request a new hostmask every 30 days, type /msg hostserv help for a command list, and after you’ve requested a host, ask an IRCop to check it out for you.

Please be aware we will not accept anything that would seem that you are impersonating an IRCop, or anything the staff deems inappropriate.

If you need any help please join #Help and an IRCop will be more than happy to help you out!